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Milano   15/3/2004 - 21/3/2004

Spazio Oberdan - viale Vittorio Veneto 2 - Milano

Vampire from the abyss

  1. Author: Hiromichi Iwasaki
  2. Editor: Nobuhito Sawakamura
  3. Photography: Hiroshi Kaneko, Norio Nakanishi, Yoshikuni Himukashi, Masashi Wada, Naoto Yoneshiro
  4. Sound: Miwako Ikezawa, Noriyoshi Yamada
  5. Producer: Hiromichi Iwasaki
  6. Production: NHK
  7. Executive Producer: Hiroyuki Wakamatsu, Masaru Ikeo
  8. Japan
  9. 52 min.
  10. 2002

We plunge into the ocean to a depth of 2000 to 3000 feet to reach the so-called oxygen minimum layer. Through the eyes of a sophisticated remote-controlled camera we wait with headlamps pointing into the blackness of the abyss. Given the low oxygen levels, a naïve spectator might not expect to see much life, but this assumption is soon shattered as a carousel of creatures begins to parade before our eyes. Beyond imagination in shape and number, they look like something out of the head of a deranged cartoonist: transparent and glowing creatures with huge eyes and hair-thin cilia - in a word, incredible! But as fascinating as these inhabitants of the deep are, marine biologists are focusing on an even more delicate and solitary animal: the vampire squid from hell (Vampiroteuthis Infernalis). It is a bona fide living fossil that survives in the most inhospitable of environments thanks to its extraordinary adaptive capacity. With underwater wings and luminescent eyes, the vampire dances in front of the camera and is captured and studied by researchers, who eagerly seek to reveal the secrets of the life and evolution of this prehistoric animal.
“Adventure and Discovery” Prize at the festival Image et Science 2003 “Jules Verne” Award for Best Film of the Year 2002 Best “Natural History of Wildlife Programme” at Asian Television, Awards 2002.

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Vedere la Scienza