Bologna   10/10/2005 - 12/12/2005

Cineteca di Bologna - sala Lumière 2 - via Azzo Gardino 65 - Bologna


Einstein's wife

  1. Original Title: Einstein's wife
  2. Author: Geraldine Hilton
  3. Director: Nicola Woolmington
  4. Editor: Frans Vandenburg
  5. Photography: Giovanni Whitteron
  6. Music: Jen Anderson
  7. Starring:
    Melita Jurisic, Erik Thomson
  8. Producer: Geraldine Hilton
  9. Production: ABC
  10. Executive Producer: Paul Humfress
  11. Australia
  12. 55 min.
  13. 2003

What if Einstein’s first wife really was a genius no less noteworthy than her husband? In this ABC documentary about Mileva Maric, wife of the physicist from Ulm for 16 years, the icon of a gentle and ironic Einstein truly risks its demise. So close to being canonized by the media, Einstein now appears to have become the perfect target for women’s movements in support of female scientists. In their view, Einstein was a self-centered husband who ungratefully cheated his wife of her due. But things had not always been so. The relationship between Mileva and Albert had begun as the love affair of the century. “I am so lucky to have found you,” wrote a love-struck Albert. “A creature like me, so strong and independent.” Undoubtedly, Mileva was a highly motivated woman, determined to excel in her chosen field, physics, a profession that was practically forbidden to women of her time. The couple married in 1903 but over time their initial passion began to fade and by 1909 a breakup was inevitable. As settlement for the divorce, Mileva was granted her request for the full amount of the monetary award should Albert ever receive the Nobel Prize. This is the first clue for Mileva’s supporters: that money was nothing more than an unofficial acknowledgement of the crucial contribution given by Mileva to her husband’s career. Even the couple’s son, Hans Albert, stated that his parents had always collaborated, working at the same table. John Stachel, Professor of Physics at Boston University, completely rejects the idea that Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was in fact the result of a Maric-Einstein “partnership.” For their part Mileva’s supporters, headed by researcher Senta Troemel-Ploetz, have no intention of resting their case in defense of their unfortunate heroine.

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