Milano   7/3/2005 - 13/3/2005

Spazio Oberdan - viale Vittorio Veneto 2 - Milano

Einstein's Unfinished Simphony

  1. Original Title: Einstein's Unfinished Simphony
  2. Director: Nick Green
  3. Photography: Paul Jenkins
  4. Sound: Ben Quinn
  5. Producer: Nick Green
  6. Production: BBC Horizon
  7. United Kingdom
  8. 50 min.
  9. 2005

On his deathbed, Albert Einstein asked for his glasses and his most recent notes. He knew he was dying but he wanted to continue his work. Through waves of unconsciousness and clear mindedness, he tried to complete what he considered to be his best theory, a hugely complex project capable of penetrating God’s mind. “I am not interested in any specific phenomenon” Einstein had claimed. “I want to know His thoughts; everything else is just details.” But ultimately, he realized that one lifetime was not enough to further all his insights. His adventure in the world of science began in Bern in 1905 when he published four works that proved crucial for the history of physics, his Special Theory of Relativity being the most important of them. Meanwhile, the scientific community was still reeling at the onset of a new theory: quantum mechanics, a revolutionary interpretation of the world around us. Einstein never accepted a theory of the universe based on the hypotheses of Bohr, Schroedinger and Heisenberg, because God “doesn’t play dice.” He was always adamantly certain that he could find a “theory of everything” and prove that quantum mechanics was wrong in its description of the world. Though his project remained a dream, many today still hope that the string theory will make that dream come true. Enriched with film clips that portray a dying Einstein with his diligent nurse at his side and with interviews with key players of contemporary physics (including John Polkinghorne and Michio Kaku), this is one of BBC’s finest documentaries.

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