Vedere la Scienza

Genova   28/10/2004 - 8/11/2004

Galata Museo del Mare, Auditorium - Calata De Mari, 1 - Genova
Museo di Storia Naturale G. Doria - via Brigata Liguria, 9 - Genova
Centre Culturel Galliera - via Garibaldi, 20 - Genova
Multisala Corallo - via Innocenzo IV, 13r - Genova


  1. Author: Giorgio Valentini, Silvio Pautasso
  2. Director: Giorgio Valentini
  3. Animation: Silvio Pautasso, Oliviero Ruberti, Mario Moraro
  4. Music: Roberto Frattini
  5. Production: Giorgio Valentini e Silvio Pautasso con la partecipazione della Bozzetto Film
  6. Italy
  7. 15 min.
  8. 1996

A genetic engineer has a great plan: to create the Perfect Being. By chance he succeedes in doing it but the Being is too much perfect, even supernatural. The order of things is upset. Planet and all creatures are destroyed. Centuries go by. Creatures populate again the Earth but the “new man” has always the same plan: to create the Perfect Being.
DNA is the result of years of work and research of one of the most wellregarded Italian illustrator. It lasts 15 minutes and shows an enormous application for the graphics, the animation, the idea of a story. It needs to watch carefully far the film, but the satisfaction is guaranteed.

Winner of the best award at Italy Cartoombria 1996.

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