Vedere la Scienza

Milano   15/3/2004 - 21/3/2004

Spazio Oberdan - viale Vittorio Veneto 2 - Milano

La fée aux fleurs

  1. Director: Gaston Velle
  2. Production: Pathé
  3. France
  4. 2 min.
  5. 1905

With a magic spell the window becomes a frame of leaves, and then, among the leaves, she makes appear some coloured flowers. She blows a kiss to the camera, and flowers appear in overprint on her face and body. Suddenly the lady disappears; some butterflies appear fluttering over the flowers and then, instead of the flowers in the centre of the picture, a huge red flower appears, growing bigger and bigger till, in its centre, the face of the lady appears. She bows many times, The flower disappears and only the face of the lady remains.