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Milano   18/11/2004 - 26/11/2004

Centro Culturale Francese - Palazzo delle Stelline - Magenta 63

Multi-resistant bacteria

  1. Original Title: Bactéries multi-résistantes
  2. Author: Mario Masson
  3. Director: Jeannita Richard
  4. Editor: André Van Damme
  5. Sound: Jean-Grégoire, Jean-Denis Daoust
  6. Production: Société Radio-Canada
  7. Canada
  8. 21 min.
  9. 2001

Enterococcus, staphylococcus, e-coli, streptococcus, salmonella, meningococcus… in just a few years, all these bacteria have developed a resistance to an increasing number of antibiotics including vancomycin, the last line of antibiotic defense. In all, millions of infections and thousands dead in North America. That is why the medical profession has sounded the alarm.
Does this multiple resistance foretell a return to the Middle Ages when there were no medicines to combat infections? Is the game up for the human race? Or, in fact, do we have reasons for being optimistic?
Discovery, weekly magazine broadcast looking at natural phenomena, went to see what is going on in laboratories and in hospitals. It has found that preparations to counter this attack are in hand everywhere and that, sometimes, they are quite revolutionary. But we cannot expect results overnight.

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