Vedere la Scienza

Genova   28/10/2004 - 8/11/2004

Galata Museo del Mare, Auditorium - Calata De Mari, 1 - Genova
Museo di Storia Naturale G. Doria - via Brigata Liguria, 9 - Genova
Centre Culturel Galliera - via Garibaldi, 20 - Genova
Multisala Corallo - via Innocenzo IV, 13r - Genova


Tobias’ bodies

  1. Original Title: Tobias’ bodies
  2. Author: Michael Goldblatt
  3. Director: Guy Spiller
  4. Scientific Advisor: Phillip Tobias
  5. Editor: Guy Spiller, Tracy Clayton
  6. Photography: David Forbes, Edwin Wes, Philip Miller
  7. Music: Phillip Miller
  8. Production: Johan Venter per SABC2
  9. South Africa
  10. 53 min.
  11. 2002

There is no question that members of the Ku Klux Klan would be quite taken aback by the opening claim of scientist Philip Tobias “We are all Africans. I am an African.” And even the most politically correct among us might be puzzled by the words of this lily-white South African professor. But the venerable scientist sets out to share the foundations of his certainty in a narrative that addresses many of the aspects surrounding this issue: differences in skin tone due to melanin, the pitfalls in trying to define human races, a brief overview of human evolution from the African ape-man of 7 million years ago to the recent Homo sapiens of 150.000 thousand years ago, and the sites where important discoveries have been made. The discussion is then taken up by a population geneticist, a specialist in the tale told by DNA, that infallible witness to species mutations. This documentary also looks at an African Jewish community – a real puzzle for anthropologists – and a white Zulu artist who doesn’t hesitate to define himself culturally black, even blacker than his fellow tribespeople.

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Vedere la Scienza