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Genova   28/10/2004 - 8/11/2004

Galata Museo del Mare, Auditorium - Calata De Mari, 1 - Genova
Museo di Storia Naturale G. Doria - via Brigata Liguria, 9 - Genova
Centre Culturel Galliera - via Garibaldi, 20 - Genova
Multisala Corallo - via Innocenzo IV, 13r - Genova

The day the montagne Pelée exploded

  1. Original Title: L’explosion de la montagne Pelée
  2. Director: Denis Chegaray, Olivier Doat
  3. Scientific Advisor: Jacques-Marie Bardintzeff, Robert Brousse
  4. Editor: Michèle André
  5. Photography: Luc Ronat, Claude Delhaye
  6. Music: Fabrizio Sirotti
  7. Sound: Christophe Gombert
  8. Production: Elan Productions in coprod. con CNRS Images/media
  9. France
  10. 52 min.
  11. 2002

This documentary recounts the last moments of Saint-Pierre de la Martinique, just before the explosion of the Pelée Mountain that entirely destroyed the town on the 8th May 1902.
This was the greatest catastrophe seen during the last century: in just a few minutes, “Paris of the Antilles”, had been wiped off the map. 28.000 dead in the time it took to draw breath, a phenomenon described by vulcanologists as a burning cloud.
Built around powerful drama (warning signs, tension rising in the population), this film begins to examine both the conditions that led to this catastrophe and the society in which they occurred.
Highlighting the vital need for reliable forecasting, this explosion became the starting point for vulcanology as we know it today.

Prix spécial du jury at the XIX festival “Image et Science”, Paris, 2002

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