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Genova   28/10/2004 - 8/11/2004

Galata Museo del Mare, Auditorium - Calata De Mari, 1 - Genova
Museo di Storia Naturale G. Doria - via Brigata Liguria, 9 - Genova
Centre Culturel Galliera - via Garibaldi, 20 - Genova
Multisala Corallo - via Innocenzo IV, 13r - Genova


The migratory people

  1. Original Title: Le peuple migrateur
  2. Director: Jacques Perrin
  3. Editor: Marie-Josèphe Yoyotte
  4. Sound: Philippe Barbeau
  5. Production: La Guèville, la Bac Films, France 2 Cinéma, France 3 Cinéma, Pandora Films, Eyescreen, Wanda Vision, JMH Francia/Germania/Italia/Svizzera
  6. France
  7. 79 min.
  8. 2002

“To learn to be silent, to listen and to enjoy the beauty of flight: you can preserve the environment with ease if you know it.” says Jacques Perrin, director of The migratory people. Main characters of the movie are 27 different species of migratory birds bred in Normandy and followed across more than 50 countries in their flight all over the world.
Bird migration is an extensively studied event which still brings up many interesting problems: how do they know where to go? How do they find their bearings?
This movie is the story of an unbelievable enterprise: the discovery of an extraordinary people and of his secrets.
Throughout their long journey (4000 km are covered by the crane, 36000 by the arctic stern!) these migrators have to fight against all kind of dangers: predators, extreme weather conditions, finding a place where to rest.
Beyond that there’s another danger: man. Destruction of humid areas and drought mow down many lives.

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