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Genova   28/10/2004 - 8/11/2004

Galata Museo del Mare, Auditorium - Calata De Mari, 1 - Genova
Museo di Storia Naturale G. Doria - via Brigata Liguria, 9 - Genova
Centre Culturel Galliera - via Garibaldi, 20 - Genova
Multisala Corallo - via Innocenzo IV, 13r - Genova

Threads of life

  1. Original Title: Threads of life
  2. Author: Ailsa Orr
  3. Director: Tony Mitchell
  4. Scientific Advisor: Pr. John Burn, Pr. Chris Stringer
  5. Editor: Marc Gravil
  6. Photography: Julian Mather, Eric Huyton, Jefferson Miller
  7. Music: Andrew Hulme, Dan Mudford
  8. Sound: Andrew Yarme, Paul Jones, Sean O’Neill
  9. Production: BBC in coprod. con The Discovery Channel
  10. United Kingdom
  11. 58 min.
  12. 2001

The human genome is like the book of life, revealing the secret of what makes us human. Just like an archaeological record, it contains the complete story of human evolution. Like an instruction manual, it tells us how to build and run a human being. And like a crystal ball, it holds the key to our future, offering us the intriguing possibility of interfering with fate.
Focusing almost entirely on case studies and real people, Threads of life will reveal why all humans are different from each other.
This major writer produced documentary was designed and directed for screening to coincide with the Year of the Genome on the main British public channel, channel already noted for not hesitating in drawing great debates where the scientific community clashes with political powers and where, sometimes, even the scientists fail to agree among themselves.

Grand Prix at the XIX festival “Image et Science”, Paris, 2002

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