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Bologna   27/5/2004 - 5/6/2004

Cinema Lumière - Via Azzo Gardino 65 - Bologna
Sala Cervi - Via Riva di Reno 72 - Bologna

War of the worlds

  1. Original Title: War of the worlds
  2. Author: Barré Lyndon, Herbert George Wells
  3. Director: Byron Haskin
  4. Photography: George Barnes
  5. Music: Leith Stevens
  6. Starring:
    Gene Barry,
    Ann Robinson,
    Les Tremayne
  7. USA
  8. 85 min.
  9. 1953

A flaming object, similar in shape to a huge spacecraft, crashes near a small Californian town one night, attracting a large crowd which includes the local priest, his niece and a young scientist who’s doing research in nuclear energy. The scientist finds the mysterious object to be dangerously radioactive, and during the night what had been assumed to be a spacecraft finally reveals its true nature. It is a sort of hellish machine home to strange flying bodies that turn three watchmen to ashes with their harmful beams, causing a devastating fire. It soon becomes known that the missile was launched by the Martians, who could no longer live on their planet and therefore decided to invade the Earth. Following a large-scale aggression plan, the Martian missiles - against which even the best-trained armies are powerless - bring devastation and death all over the world. In panick-stricken California the priest has been wiped out as well, whereas his niece and the young nuclear physicist, who’ve fallen in love with each other, meet again in the burning town. The woman prays for help from God and help does indeed come. All of a sudden the Martian missiles fall motionless to the ground: our microbes-filled atmosphere has defeated the invaders, thus saving mankind.