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Bologna   27/5/2004 - 5/6/2004

Cinema Lumière - Via Azzo Gardino 65 - Bologna
Sala Cervi - Via Riva di Reno 72 - Bologna


La dea ferita: Vandana Shiva

  1. Author: Werner Weick, Marilia Albanese
  2. Director: Werner Weick
  3. Editor: Gabi Weick
  4. Photography: Romana Cavazzoni
  5. Production: TSI - Televisione Svizzera Italiana
  6. Swiss Confederation
  7. 56 min.
  8. 1999

The wounded goddess is Durga, an Indian god representing nature, "female power able to destroy and regenerate the universe", but also the representation of Indian women. They are, according to Indian cultural and social tradition, responsible for earth and its fruits, they are indissolubly bound to. In this documentary Indian women's voice is that of their leader, Vandana Shiva, interviewed by Werner Weick and Marilia Albanese. Vandana Shiva tells her daily, political and existential obligation against "the violence of the second green revolution", the neocolonialism of the multinationals "inimical to nature", and the biopiracy, opposing to all this both the role of women and their close relationship with nature, and the mobilization of the farmers in the project of conservation and safeguard of agrarian biodiversity and of Indian natural seeds, called "Navdanya Conservation Farm" (Navdanya means Nine Seeds).

Special price from the public - X festival Prix Leonardo, Parma, 2000

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