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Bari   10/5/2004 - 19/5/2004

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Dinosaurs hunters

  1. Original Title: Dinosaurs hunters
  2. Author: J. C. Wilsher, Andrew Piddington
  3. Director: Andrew Piddington
  4. Editor: Tony Palmer
  5. Photography: Roger Eaton
  6. Music: Andy Price
  7. Starring:
    Henry Ian Cusick,
    Michael Pennington,
    Alan Cox,
    Robert Morgan,
    Rachel Shelley,
    Derek Jacobi
  8. Producer: Steven Clarke
  9. Production: Granada per Channel4 e PBS
  10. Executive Producer: Robert Maciver, Bill Jones
  11. United Kingdom
  12. 52 min.
  13. 2002

Based on the novel by Deborah Cadbury, author of books on science and the history of science as well as television programmes for the BBC, Dinosaur Hunters tells the story of a bona fide scientific intrigue, the true story of an extraordinary scientific adventure, and of a rivalry between the two leading characters. The accidental discovery in 1812 of the fossilized remains of an unknown creature leads to years of research involving William Buckland, an Oxford geologist, Georges Cuvier, a celebrated French anatomist called in to examine the mysterious remains, and Gideon Mantell, a country doctor who believed he had found the bones of a gigantic prehistoric creature. Needless to say, the discovery is revolutionary and it will not be easy to convince the intellectual establishment and the general public of the existence of animals that lived well before man first trod the planet. This is when Richard Owen enters the scene, a young and ambitious anatomist to whom dinosaurs will owe their name. It was Gideon Mantell, however, who first discovered the bones, but the unscrupulous Owen usurped his claim along with the fame he should rightly have enjoyed. A grand case of scientific fraud

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