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Firenze   24/3/2004 - 28/3/2004

Auditorium Stensen - viale Don Minzoni 25/C - Firenze

The Story of Alexander Bell

  1. Original Title: The Story of Alexander Bell
  2. Director: Irving Cummings
  3. Starring:
    Don Ameche,
    Henry Fonda,
    Loretta Young
  4. Production: Darryl F. Zanuck
  5. USA
  6. 97 min.
  7. 1939

A fictionalized biography of Alexander Graham Bell, who made history as the inventor of the telephone against the loud protests of the Italian Antonio Meucci. Bell, a phonetics instructor in Boston, falls in love with his pupil, Mabel Hubbard, while he is studying the invention that will change the world. His intention to wed Mabel is momentarily set aside while he dedicates himself heart and soul to his experiments. In the end he invents the telephone, marries his pupil and becomes rich and famous. Did they live happily ever after? If it hadn’t been for a rival company that attempted to bring down the empire he had worked so hard to create… In Cumming’s film Bell comes across as a victim and not as a usurper, the cynical and rapacious profiteer whom we know from different sources, sources who go so far as to accuse him of having stolen the idea of the telephone from the older Meucci. This film did not come out in Italy until 1954, after the annulment of the Fascist directive denying - and rightly so - American paternity of the telephone. The paternity of the telephone was officially acknowledged to Meucci by the US Congress in September 2001.