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Pavia   22/3/2004 - 27/3/2004

Multisala Corallo-Ritz - via Bossolaro 15 - Pavia

I have no time

  1. Author: Ansano Giannarelli, Edoardo Sanguineti
  2. Director: Ansano Giannarelli
  3. Starring:
    Mario Garriba
    Franco Agostini
    Lucio Lombardo Radice
    Marisa Fabbri
    Fernando Birri
  4. Production: REIAC FILM - RAI
  5. Italy
  6. 105 min.
  7. 1973

The movie, written by the director and Edoardo Sanguineti, with the advice of Lucio Lombardo Radice, recalls, in a continue flashback, the short life of the mathematician Evariste Galois (1811-1832), a radical republican and followers of Buonarroti and Blanqui’s revolutionary ideas. In the night before the duel, when he was wounded to death, a twenty-one years old Galois wrote sixteen pages, as if it were his scientific testament, regarded today as an ingenious advance of abstract algebra.
A high cultural level movie presenting an intricate narrative structure, paying attention to the lesson of Brecht, Artaud, Peter Weiss and to the cinematographic one of Godard: didactic and alienated performance, tv like format, expressionist deformed set, forced couplings with socio-political reality of ‘70s.

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