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Pavia   22/3/2004 - 27/3/2004

Multisala Corallo-Ritz - via Bossolaro 15 - Pavia

A trip to the moon

  1. Original Title: Le Voyage Dans La Lune
  2. Author: Georges Méliès (based on the novel by Jules Verne)
  3. Director: Georges Méliès
  4. Starring:
    Victor André (Prof. Barbenfouillis),
    Henri Delannoy,
    Bleuette Bernon (Phoebé, la femme dans la lune)
    Brunnet (L’astronome),
    Kelm (L’astronome)
  5. Production: Star Film, G. Méliès
  6. France
  7. 14 min.
  8. 1902

First science-fiction film in the history of world cinema, it is maybe the most representative - and not casually it is the most known - film of Méliès’, the film-maker, gifted with a rich imagination. He wrote and conducted it drawing his inspiration from two novels by a great writer in this line, Jules Verne: From the Earth to the Moon, and Round the Moon. At a meeting of the club of the astronomers, Professor Barbenfouillis announces his next adventure: he will lead an expedition to the Moon. Six volunteers are catapulted with him to the satellite. As soon as the crew lands on the lunar ground, it is received by a sudden explosion. After a night spent dreaming celestial bodies, the astronomers find they are almost frozen. Once the problem is solved, they start to search: the explorer will lead them to the court of the king of the Selenites, who will not give them the hoped warm welcome. Despite these not always happy surprises, these pioneers of space travels will come back to the Earth, welcome as they were heroes. This film was entirely shot in Georges Méliès’ studio in Montreuil-Sous- Bois. It is composed of thirty pictures that use a hand-painted set with trompe-l’œil objects. The Selenites were played by some jugglers of the Folies-Bergère, while the girls by dancers of the Châtelet. The stage and the scenic setting are almost flat, but they show all the features that will characterise the future science-fiction film: scientists ready to join the adventure, the space travel, special effects obtained by the superposition of images, aliens in exotic settings.

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