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Pavia   22/3/2004 - 27/3/2004

Multisala Corallo-Ritz - via Bossolaro 15 - Pavia

What's up with the Weather

  1. Director: Jon Palfreman
  2. Editor: James Rulenbeck
  3. Photography: Eric Roland, Marc Rublee
  4. Music: Robert Secret
  5. Sound: Richard Kane, Len Schmitz
  6. Producer: Jon Palfreman
  7. Production: Frontline/Nova Prod. in coprod. con The Palfreman Film Group
  8. Executive Producer: Paula Apsell, David Fanning, Michael Sullivan
  9. USA
  10. 52 min.
  11. 2000

In December 1997, more than 150 countries took part in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Changes, and drew up the so-called “Kyoto protocol”, a document binding the industrialised and developing countries to reduce the emission of the main greenhouse gases. This document has not yet stopped to give rise to discussions, both for the US refusal to ratify the agreement, and the political exploitations, the debate lends itself to. This documentary gets its ideas from the Kyoto meeting to give us a global view of the present energetic problem, the massive carbon dioxide emission, and the possible solutions to what looks like a foretold environmental catastrophe. The problem of climate changes, i.e. of a significant variation of the global climate - raising temperature, melting glaciers, worsening drought, and catastrophic weather phenomena - has many sides: the responsibility of the industrialised countries, the increasing industrial development of traditionally poor countries, the search for new energetic sources.
“Climate changes” is one of the three themes chosen by the Ministry of Education, University and Research for the 14th week of Scientific Culture.

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