Genova   7/4/2003 - 13/4/2003

Dipartimento di Matematica - Via Dodecaneso, 35 - Genova
Museo Civico di Storia Naturale “G. Doria” - Via Brigata Liguria, 9 - Genova
Auditorium dell’Acquario di Genova - Area Porto Antico


  1. Director: Claude Nuridsany, Marie Pèrennou
  2. Production: Galatée films, France2 Cinema, BAC films
  3. France
  4. 80 min.
  5. 1996

Every time a scientist, an artist, a poet compare worlds that differ from those our senses experience on a day-to-day basis, the images that emerge are fascinating. Science has telescopes and microscopes that present our eyes with dimensions that are not usual to us. The same sensation comes to us from the documentary Microcosmos. A journey into the world of common or garden insects. The world that we have outside our front door and that we are not familiar with, simply because we cannot see it. So here is the author, the director, to guide us. We just have to immerse ourselves in the grass to find ourselves in a dense jungle and the cine camera magnifies everything so that it seems to reduce our own bodies, the body of the viewer. So we are enfolded, with blades of grass that seem great trees and enormous insects coming towards us. The images unfold in episodes of daily life and hard work that may be comical or dramatic: paths concealing the unexpected, the difficulties of finding food, the sweetness and violence of love. Lovely, tremendous images that recall our own lives of pleasures and hardships. So near, yet so far from our senses. All that is required is a different perspective.

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