Firenze   2/4/2003 - 6/4/2003

Auditorium Stensen, Viale Don Minzoni 25/C - Firenze

A scientific minute

  1. Original Title: O minuto cientifico
  2. Author: Cao Hamburger, Marcelo Tas, Mauricio Arruda
  3. Director: Cao Hamburger
  4. Photography: Arcangelo Mello Junior
  5. Music: Luis Macedo
  6. Production: TV Cultura
  7. Brazil
  8. 10 min.
  9. 1997

The subjects of A Scientific Minute were chosen according to criteria which take into account the more frequent doubts of the public and also the possibility to adapt these concepts to TV language. All the themes focus on the major human questions which have been motivating the scientific develpoments for centuries and involve the notions of time and space, besides the perception we have about ourselves. They are the following: Where is the sky? Where do we live? What size are we? What is a black hole? What are we made of? How long does a life last? How long does a minute last? Are time and space always the same? What is the Universe made of? What comes from the sky?
The idea of vignettes came up as a path to broadcast science without resorting to the usual formats of shows focusing scientific matters. These resources, together with an agile text with plenty of humor help create an up date and accessible language, making a theme which is normally considered as boring, an attractive one.

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