Vedere la Scienza Festival

Science TV Drama festival

Milano   5/10/2002 - 6/10/2002

Milano, Teatro Grassi - Via Rovello


Life story

  1. Original Title: Life story
  2. Author: William Nicholson
  3. Director: Mick Jackson
  4. Direzione artistica: John Bone
  5. Music: Peter Howell
  6. Starring:
    Tim Pigott-Smith,
    Jeff Goldblum,
    Juliet Stevenson
  7. Producer: Mick Jackson
  8. Production: A Horizon Special from BBC Television
  9. United Kingdom
  10. 106 min.
  11. 1987

The history of science teaches us that the synergy of great minds is the best way of bringing about those big discoveries, which can change the way we see the world forever. This is what happened when James Watson and Francis Crick met shared their knowledge of the DNA structure in Cambridge in 1951. The two bright fellows appreciate women and food but above all they are determined to comprehend the secret of life, how life reproduces itself. The questions are big, but the answers will be bigger of course, says Crick, starting an adventure culminating with the definitive understanding of the DNA structure. The dialogues and the fast BBC style reflect the zest of the young researchers, the historical background of the English universities is carefully represented, a cast of famous and talented actors belies the typical image of the scientist as an dull and spectacled person. Rosalind Franklin is the main female character, she’s a very strong willed scientist and her collaboration with Watson and Crick will be vital to the solution of the problem, although she won’t win the Nobel Prize in 1962, because of her death at a young age. The hard work of the team made up of Watson, Crick, Franklin and Maurice Wilkins was eventually completed in the construction of the famous helicoidal model of the DNA structure, one of the great advances in 20th century science.

Winner at the Science TV Drama Festival, 2002

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