Parma   29/5/2002 - 5/6/2002

Parma - Teatro Due - Viale Basetti

Blowing in the wind

  1. Original Title: Blowing in the wind
  2. Production: CBS
  3. Canada
  4. 15 min.
  5. 2001

Blowing in the wind, the memory of an old song that aroused doubts and perplexities. A phrase borrowed for a documentary that may astound and which will surely sow the “seed” of doubt. The story is paradoxical. One of the cases that became emblematic within the complex debate surrounding genetically modified organisms. The protagonist is Schmeiser, a Canadian farmer. Despite his adverse opinion regarding GM products he discovers genetically modified items in his fields, probably brought by seeds blown in by the wind.
The problems come to the fore and the debate is important. The problem of contamination merges with another problem that arises increasingly for farmers: the copyright regarding seeds and their products. Farmers will have to deal with lawyers, patents offices and so on and so forth… basically a story that will become ever more complicated and which resembles the plot of a thriller. But it is current news and absolutely true.