Parma   29/5/2002 - 5/6/2002

Parma - Teatro Due - Viale Basetti

Cosmic dance. The eternal voyage of life

  1. Director: Junichiro Takeda
  2. Scientific Advisor: Toshimasa Yoshino, Makoto Motoo
  3. Photography: Junichiro Takeda
  4. Production: ICAM CO., Ltd
  5. Japan
  6. 38 min.
  7. 2001

Some microcosms are found in the biosphere and others in our bodies, where messages are exchanged among 60 trillion cells. The spermatozoon meets the ovum and fertilizes it. The continued interaction between the cells brings about development and differentiation. Various organs form and finally the moment of birth arrives. The child exposed to the outside world grows and interacts with it, preparing a future generation. This is how the human being develops in the sense of diversification. The birth of the earth came about thanks to a series of circumstances and interactions that occur between various elements, that have conditioned its development. Life on earth is the result of another series of interactions between elements. Thus the documentary presents a journey into the heart of the processes that regulate the birth and the development of systems, from the unicellular to the complex, in a dauntless and equally fascinating parallel between the microcosm of cells and the universe, in which the Earth is only a small part. So the investigation concerns the directions that life takes depending on the interaction between various

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