Parma   29/5/2002 - 5/6/2002

Parma - Teatro Due - Viale Basetti

Menacing waters

  1. Original Title: Menacing waters
  2. Author: Alan Baddock, Russell Kelley
  3. Director: Russell Kelley
  4. Editor: Rob Davis, Peter Simkins
  5. Photography: Richard Fitzpatrick
  6. Music: Ashton Ward
  7. Producer: Russell Kelley
  8. Production: Natural History New Zealand
  9. Executive Producer: Andrew Waterworth
  10. New Zealand
  11. 56 min.
  12. 2001

What link could there be between the waters of Northern Australia and the highly modern medical laboratories that seek to eradicate disease? On the surface, nothing, yet Menacing Waters presents the intriguing story of this astounding connection. This film explores the interior consequences on a human being of potent poisons produced by the four sea creatures known to take human life: jellyfish, octopus, sea-serpents and a type of sea-slug. These animals have always struck human beings using their venom as a powerful weapon. So some effect must occur and it would be interesting to find out what it is in order to be able to overturn this power and make it serve humanity.
Here the spotlight is on the innovative research of four scientists who have studied the natural chemistry of the poison in the quest to discover new applications in the biomedical field. In particular, the first important step means understanding how the poison of these animals affects the human nervous system. And these researchers have made this very first step. Thanks to this knowledge they are now developing possible treatment for serious neurological conditions and for alleviation of pain.

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