Genova   15/4/2002 - 21/4/2002

Genova - Museo Civico di Storia Naturale "G.Doria" - via Brigata Liguria, 9


C’est pas sorcier - Cartography

  1. Original Title: C’est pas sorcier - La cartographie
  2. Author: Frédéric Courant, Jamy Gourmaud, Bernard Gonner, Christine Lamotte
  3. Director: Catherine Breton
  4. Editor: Sabine Baranger, Isabelle Hostalery, Pierre Ménétrier
  5. Photography: Jean-Marie Letot
  6. Production: France 3 International RIFF
  7. France
  8. 26 min.
  9. 1999

In this programme, Fred and Jamy, the two stars presenters of C’est pas sorcier, introduce us to cartography. First of all, in the maps and charts department of France’s National Library, Fred presents the gradual development of graphic representations of the world. He then follow surveyors from France’s National Geographic Institute (responsible for mapping) in their fields of research. Throughout his investigation, he questions Jamy, who has remained in his laboratory-truck surrounded by scale models. How were the first maps of the world drawn up by observing the movements of the Sun? How did Eratosthenes calculate the size of the Earth? How can a sphere be represented on a flat surface? How can the scale of a map be determined? How do surveyors carry our their task? How can aerial photos be transposed onto a map?

Prix Jeunesse to the XVI Festival Image et Science, Paris, 2000

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