Ferrara   10/4/2002 - 18/4/2002

Ferrara - Sala Estense - Piazza Municipale,
Ferrara - Sala Boldini - via Previati, 18

Crises. When things suddenly go wrong. The assault of unknown viruses

  1. Director: Koji Abe
  2. Editor: Masaharu Yoshioka, Sanae Ujii, Eri Funaki
  3. Photography: Ichiro Hara
  4. Sound: Masayuki Yamazaki
  5. Production: NHK
  6. Executive Producer: Setsu Mikumo, Atsushi Karube, Tetsuya Kawamoto
  7. Japan
  8. 48 min.
  9. 2000

A century has now passed since humankind discovered the virus, microscopic parasites incapable of existing and reproducing outside of their host, but able to provoke many human, animal and vegetable diseases. Despite the enormous efforts made by researchers all over the world and with huge public and private financing, it has still not been possible to fully understand the characteristics of such infamous viruses as HIV, the aetiological agent of AIDS, nor to pinpoint any truly effective cure to contrast them. Paradoxically it would appear that as scientific knowledge has increased, viruses once dormant have multiplied the problems of human health.
Is this truly the case, however? Why have these new diseases emerged? In what way has humanity faced up to these insidious parasites over the ages? In future, will we be able to cure all the diseases they bring about or will "new" forms continue to emerge?
The documentary examines these and other critical doubts that must be resolved in order to point the scientific research of future decades in the right direction and to ensure our future well being.

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