Milano   9/4/2002 - 14/4/2002

Spazio Oberdan - viale Vittorio Veneto, 2

Sophie Rousseau, life first and foremost

  1. Author: Eric Kristy
  2. Director: Alain Tasma
  3. Editor: Marie-Sophie Dubus
  4. Photography: Yves Lafaye
  5. Sound: Daniel Ollivier, Thomas Lefèvre
  6. Production: Emanuelle Chamussy, Takis Candilis per TF1
  7. France
  8. 91 min.
  9. 2001

Sophie Rousseau is a biology and medicine graduate. She is the head of a public health laboratory. Together with her team she has to face all the problems and risks inherent, directly or indirectly, to contemporary society. Setting off from the pollution of the air and water resources, we reach the investigation of the risk of diffusion of various diseases, some of which are still unknown. With industrialisation on one hand, and the loss of contact with nature on the other, a number of illnesses have flourished, old and new, caused by life-style. It is in this ambit that Sophie Rousseau works. A life devoted to life, as the very title of this TV fiction declares.
But such research can clash with the interests of those who seek to create the basis for a better quality of life. Several cases of meningitis and septicaemia lead Sophie to carry out more extensive research regarding the contamination of food and the possible pollution of rivers caused by industrial discharges. To carry out this research the team required good scientific expertise, but also strong ability to resolve the conflicts that they encounter continuously.

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