Milano   9/4/2002 - 14/4/2002

Spazio Oberdan - viale Vittorio Veneto, 2

Man and beast, and market forces

  1. Director: Lena Pettersoon
  2. Scientific Advisor: Miriam Tendler, Andrew Simpson
  3. Editor: Lisa Lublin, Lena Petterson
  4. Photography: Emil Larsson
  5. Production: Sveriges Television, SVT Malmö SVT TV
  6. Sweden
  7. 57 min.
  8. 2000

One hundred million people suffer from bilharziasis, or schistosomiasis. Several tens of thousands die from it each year. This disease, which thrives mainly in developing countries, could be treated – a laboratory in Rio de Janeiro has carried out the research and developed effective treatment, but neither the individual people nor the governments can afford it.
In Ireland and Australia, cattle are also infested with a form of the bilharzia blood fluke. The use of the vaccine has therefore now become profitable.
Lenna Pettersson, Miriam Tendler and Andrew Simpson look at the impact of this disease on public health and the economy

Winner of the International TV Award of Geneva at Médias Nord Sud, 2001, Switzerland, and the Grand Prix at Image et Science festival, Paris, 2001