Vedere la Scienza Festival

XVI International Scientific TV, Film and AV Media Festival

Milano   26/3/2012 - 3/4/2012

Spazio Oberdan, Viale Vittorio Veneto 2 e Mediateca Santa Teresa, Via Moscova 28 - MILANO



Full Professor in Organic Chemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Università degli Studi di Milano since 1980. His main research interest concerns bioorganic chemistry, biological reagents in organic synthesis and models of enzyme.
He has been Visiting Professor in various European universities and took part in several national and international research programmes.
He is author or co-author of more than 160 papers in refereed journals, of several patents and of a number of minor contribution to meetings and congresses; he has published as editor or coeditor various books concerning chemical subjects.
He has been the scientific director of the Carlo Erba Foundation, Milan. He is one of the promoters of Centre for the Diffusion of the Scientific and Technological Culture that links four main Universities in Milan, member of the scientific committee of the Lorenzini Foundation of Milan and of various International Societies.

Umberto FASCIO

Dr. Umberto Fascio, Biological Sciences PhD, until 2001 was head of Confocal Microscopy Laboratory in biological departments of University of Milan. From 2001 to 2012 he was director of Centro Interdipartimentale di Microscopia Avanzata (CIMA).
His scientific studies are mostly about morphogenesis and animal philogeny. Thanks to these researches has reached a deepened knowledge about use of particular instruments (Phase-contrast, DIC and dark-field microscope, fluorescence microscope) and confocal laser scanning microscope, electron microscope and video microscope. He has taught light and electronic microscopy and digital image processing to students of the University of Milan. He teaches in refresher courses for PhD, researcher, technicians and for School. He actively contributes to the dissemination of science, mostly by means of science-related photographic exhibitions about the infinitely small.


Dr. Angela Iovino got her degree in Astronomy at the University of Padua, after a first degree in Philosophy. She has been working at the Royal Astronomical Observatory of Edinburgh and at the European Southern Observatory, both at the Munich Headquarters in Germany and at the Santiago center in Chile. Today she is a researcher at the Brera Observatory of INAF in Milano. She has performed observations at the largest European telescopes and she is involved in international projects of Observational Cosmology. She is author or co-author of 150 papers in refereed journals. Her main scientific interests focus on galaxy evolution in the distant universe, but she is keen on science dissemination, both for adults and young students. Passion for cinema is among the interests she pursue during her free time.


Laura Viezzoli graduates in History of the Cinema at the University of Bologna and specialises in writing and production at the School of the Documentary of Milan - DropOut. She is the author of two short films and three documentaries amongst which 74 Miles and It's like flying, winner of numerous national and international prizes. She has collaborated with the Sky Group, the Foundation Cinemovel, the production company Invisibile Film (Milan) and Revolver Film (Rome), the Festival of the Cinema of Ancona “Corto Dorico” and the match-making of Ancona “Corto Pro”. She is presently developing a feature Documentary Film about Piergiorgio Welby called The Nature of Things, in coproduction between LADOC and with “Pandora's Glasses” Association and with NASA collaboration.
She is also the author of “Conero Doc Campus”, an educational the project of high level specialisation in creative documentary production.


Lisa Vozza is a Science writer and a Scientific officer.
Trained as a biologist, she graduated form the University of Milan, Italy, in 1993. After an internship at the San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan (1992-93) and a research experience at New York University Medical Center (1994-1996), she worked as Life science editor for the Encyclopedia Microsoft-Encarta, 1st edition (1996-1997), at Le Scienze magazine and for the European editions of Scientific American (1997-2003), as International editorial coordinator. In 2004 she joined the Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC), the major Italian charity, where she currently works as Scientific officer, in charge of the peer-review process.
She has written several popular science books: In the mind of others. Mirror neurons and social behaviour (Nella mente degli altri. Neuroni specchio e comportamento sociale) with Giacomo Rizzolatti (Zanichelli, 2007); It can be cured (Si può curare) with Sylvie Ménard (Mondadori, 2009); Vaccines in the global age with Rino Rappuoli (Zanichelli, 2009; Galileo literary prize 2010). As editor, she created and directed a series of books called Sciences by trade (I Mestieri della scienza, 2005-07), with 11 published titles by Zanichelli; and she co-directs the series Reading Keys (Chiavi di lettura, 2007-current), with 16 published titles.