Vedere la Scienza Festival

XV International Scientific TV, Film and AV Media Festival

Milano   2/5/2011 - 8/5/2011

Spazio Oberdan, Viale Vittorio Veneto 2 - MILANO
Mediateca Santa Teresa, Via Moscova 28 - MILANO


Irène and Fred

  1. Original Title: Irène et Fred
  2. Director: Roger Kahane
  3. Direzione artistica: Roger Kahane, Isabelle Stengers, Didier Gille
  4. Music: Didier Vasseur
  5. Starring:
    Danièle Lebrun,
    Bertrand Bonvoisin,
    Maria Meriko,
    Marcel Cuvelier
  6. Production: TF1
  7. France
  8. 93 min.
  9. 1984

The life of Frédéric Joliot and Irène Curie is told in the period since their first meeting, in 1925, and 1935, the year in which they were conferred by the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the synthesis of new radioactive elements. At the end of the military service Frédéric Joliot is assumed as preparator at the laboratory of Irène Curie, daughter of Paul and Marie Curie.
The young Joliot hadbeen a big admiration for Madame Curie: he was not a scientist nor he had built a big knowledge (had not got neither the baccalaureat) but he had developed a big passion for science how long since his attending to the Chemical Physics School where was his teacher Paul Langevin. With Irène he will know a double adventure: the keen love and the scientific adventure. Step after step the film describes their professional and familiar story with delicate alternations between laboratory scenes and familiar life scenes and references to the historico-political situation of the moment. A cut out of newspaper jealously preserved by Fred with the photography of the Curie family and others are recurring elements leading thread to the development of the events. Scenes are presented in a pleasant frame, in which the laboratory, the instruments, the experiments play in an important role. Even though instruments and researches take a wide space they don’t play the main role in the film. Personalities and their dialogues are the protagonistes, pointed out by an opportune choice of shots, lights and close ups. Among them is also Madame Curie who, in front of the results achieved by Irène and Fred, said “Thanks for for granting me this last joy”. She died little before her daughter and her son in law won the Nobel Prize.

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