Vedere la Scienza Festival

International Scientific TV, Film and AV Media Festival

Milano   22/3/2010 - 28/3/2010

Spazio Oberdan, Viale Vittorio Veneto 2 - 20121 Milano



  1. Author: Luca Citron
  2. Director: Luca Citron
  3. Scientific Advisor: Elena Cattaneo e collaboratori del Centro di Ricerca sulle Cellule Staminali - UniStem Dipartimento di Scienze Farmacologiche, Università degli Studi di Milano
  4. Editor: Lorenza Gottardo, Morena Casari, Luca Citron
  5. Photography: Lorenza Gottardo, Morena Casari, Luca Citron
  6. Production: Scuole Civiche di Milano
  7. Italy
  8. 27 min.
  9. 2010

Man has always strived to unveil the secret of such creatures as newts, which have the ability to regenerate their lost limbs or their damaged organs. This dream is fostered by research on stem cells, still undifferentiated cells capable to transform themselves into different types of cells.
Elena Cattaneo, professor of pharmacology at the Milan State University (and winner of the “Grande Ippocrate” award for the medical researcher of the year in 2008) is at the head of a world-renowned Centre for research on stem cells and stands out for her research on neurodegenerative diseases. A full-time commitment and a busy life, full of meetings with outstanding figures in the scientific world and beyond.
This documentary movie, inspired by the “portraits” of American filmmaker Errol Morris, has its backbone in an interview with the scientist focused on stem cells, as well as on her research and its social implications. A very human figure is outlined: the relations with co-workers and family, the repeated ethical doubts, the thoughts of someone whose only reason for life is science. At the same time the true life in a laboratory is shown, without affecting the activity of researchers, with a hint to the work of French filmmaker Nicolas Philibert and his way to carry out his projects “with” the subjects, rather than “on” them, i.e. without forcing the camera on them, but rather pursuing their co-operation in a creative dialogue.