Vedere la Scienza Festival

International Scientific TV, Film and AV Media Festival

Milano   22/3/2010 - 28/3/2010

Spazio Oberdan, Viale Vittorio Veneto 2 - 20121 Milano



  1. Original Title: AGUA DE SELVA
  2. Author: Juan Antonio Rodríguez, Ramón Campoamor
  3. Director: Juan Antonio Rodríguez, Ramón Campoamor
  4. Editor: Alberto G. Casanovas
  5. Photography: Luis Miguel Ruiz Gordon
  6. Music: Iván Palomares
  7. Sound: Classic & New
  8. Producer: Juan Antonio Domínguez
  9. Production: CIN.TV
  10. Spain
  11. 26 min.
  12. 2008

Humidity monopolises the atmosphere. Water overflows everywhere and more than half of the rain goes back to the clouds by the transpiration of the leaves. It is the forest, the last outpost of paradise. The green kingdom, where some plants grow on others and the animals dress in the most attractive colours to avoid being eaten.
Even today, there are millions of plants and animals in the rainforests that remain unknown to us. Yet scientists believe that this is the most fertile, varied and surprising ecosystem on the planet. But what is so special about the rainforest? What makes it so fertile, diverse and extraordinary? The answer is often water. Humidity is always provided by torrential rains, storms, mist or fog, creating particularly fertile conditions for life.
As an example, the rainforests of Costa Rica, which are similar in size to Switzerland, contain 5% of the biodiversity of the entire planet.
The jungle works like a giant water pump supplied with solar energy: roots extract water from the ground and leaves release it into the atmosphere as vapour. In fact, more than half the water in vast jungles is returned to the atmosphere by tree leaves.
For the audience, the documentary is a special guided tour to rainforests explored from different angles, close to the incredible variety of species that live there, but also from above, the most breathtaking view revealing an aerial garden of colossal dimensions.