Vedere la Scienza Festival

International Scientific TV, Film and AV Media Festival

Milano   22/3/2010 - 28/3/2010

Spazio Oberdan, Viale Vittorio Veneto 2 - 20121 Milano



  1. Author: Nicolas Koutsikas, St├ęphane Poulle
  2. Director: Nicolas Koutsikas, St├ęphane Poulle
  3. Scientific Advisor: Serge Plantob
  4. Editor: Gilles Neyret
  5. Photography: Nicolas Vrignon
  6. Music: Serge Houppin
  7. Sound: Sound Lab, Jean Paul Pellegrinelli
  8. Production: Georama TV/Blue Wing TV:2d3d Animation /ERT 2009
  9. France
  10. 54 min.
  11. 2009

Global warming has now become a frightening reality. 2008 was among the warmest years of the last century and a half. The UN believes that 150 million individuals will be pushed in  to exile before the end of this century because of the rise of sea levels.
The scientific community as a whole is rallying to try and avoid its most dramatic consequences.
CO2 is Public Enemy n.1; should global warming continue at the prevailing rate, carbon dioxide could make our planet more and more inhospitable ...
Will mankind be able to limit its emissions of greenhouse effect gases, and at what cost? Can the international community avoid the worst? And what if global warming represented an opportunity for the future of our planet?
To answer these questions, scientists from such institutions as Météo France, Ademe, the French Environmental Agency, CNRS and NASA have taken part in the preparation of this documentary film which, for the first time, brings together the specialists working for the future of our planet: Dr Pachauri, Peace Nobel Prize Winner, Todd Stern, the American negotiator on climate, Potochnik and Dimas, the European commissioners, Greenpeace, etc.
Carbon Public Enemy NO 1 helps to understand the present obstacles and the potential solutions and opens the debate on the future of our planet, because every single individual has to be convinced that his own action could be useful.