Vedere la Scienza Festival

International Scientific TV, Film and AV Media Festival

Milano   31/3/2008 - 6/4/2008

Spazio Oberdan, viale Vittorio Veneto 2 - Milano


Time Limits

  1. Original Title: Time Limits
  2. Director: Steve Nicholls, Alfred Vendl
  3. Editor: Martin Elsbury
  4. Photography: Kevin Flay, Bernie Wallentin, Miriam Floer, Alf Staudach, Robbie Allen, Ollie Larkin
  5. Music: Steven Faux
  6. Producer: Steve Nicholls, Alfred Vendl
  7. Production: ORF per ORF/NHU
  8. Executive Producer: Walter Koehler
  9. Austria
  10. 50 min.
  11. 2007

It felt like a heartbeat, and yet a full hour has passed! This well-known expression shows that our perception of events is influenced by subjective factors. Personal experience aside, science tells us man has an inbuilt “timer” hidden in his body. Our perception of time is based on the second - more or less the lenght of a heartbeat. It is difficult to even imagine events that take place on longer or shorter timescales, such as the growing of plants or the muscle movements of an athlete during a race. Cinema comes to our rescue and opens up new horizons for us with the help of timelapse photography.
How would the world around us change, if we could speed up or slow down time?
The documentary leverages a combination of amazing new camera techniques, dramatic computer animation and the latest scientific advances to give a totally new view of our world and our universe, which are regulated by a dramatically varying pace.
Time Limits is a wonderful journey that first brings to life the slow-motion world of plants and then takes us into shorter timescales, to find elements that exist for less than a millionth of a second, or elementary particles that flash into existence for less than a billionth of a second.