Vedere la Scienza

Milano   12/11/2007 - 16/11/2007

Centre Culturel Franςais, Palazzo delle Stelline, Magenta 63


The magic of motion - Nature Tech

  1. Original Title: The magic of motion - Nature Tech
  2. Director: Alfred Vendl, Steve Nicholls
  3. Scientific Advisor: Julian Vincent
  4. Editor: Martin Elsbury
  5. Photography: Kevin Flay, John Hadfield, Tony Allen
  6. Animation: Reinhold Fragner, Industrial Motion Art
  7. Music: Stephen Faux
  8. Sound: Nina Slatosch
  9. Microscopio elettronico/Electron Microscope:
    Rudolf Erlach, Stefan Fischer, Manfred Walzl
  10. Production: Walter Kohler, MR-Film/ORF/ARTE
  11. Austria
  12. 49 min.
  13. 2006

Life has existed on our planet for nearly 4 billion years, and in that time natural selection has had to solve all the varied problems of life. Plants and animals have developed the best, most efficient and least energy-consuming ways to survive and reproduce. Today the progress of physics, chemistry and IT enables us to accurately investigate these winning strategies. Many scientists are pointing to the natural world as a source of inspiration. They believe there are answers out there to questions that we haven’t even asked yet.
In the last decade a new, nature-inspired way of thinking called biomimetics has opened up startling possibilities for the future of science and technology. Biomimetics is not just about copying nature, it’s about understanding the principles behind nature’s success and applying those in new and surprising ways.
Nature Tech uses state of the art CGI and specialist ultra high speed, timelapse and scanning microscopy techniques to explore the cutting edge of this new science.
The episode entitled The Magic of Motion focuses on flight. A multi-faceted discussion merges together biology, physics and the history of aviation, from Leonardo’s early studies on bird flight to state-of-the-art jet designs. We look at how designers of planes, cars and robots have found inspiration in nature. We find out why sharks can swim so fast, how flies and geckos can climb smooth glass and how vultures can help the new generation of airliners.
Another, non-competing episode from the same series, entitled The Material World, will be screened at the festival.

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