Vedere la Scienza Festival

Television drama and Docu-drama Session

Milano   16/11/2006 - 17/11/2006

Sala Napoleonica - Università degli Studi di Milano, Via Sant'Antonio 12 - Milano


The Eleventh Hour - Miracle

  1. Original Title: The Eleventh Hour - Miracle
  2. Author: Simon Stephenson
  3. Director: Roger Gartland
  4. Editor: Tim Murrell
  5. Photography: Ben Smithard
  6. Music: Paul Heard
  7. Sound: Dennis Cartwright
  8. Starring:
    Patrick Stewart (Ian Hood)
    Ashley Jensen (Rachel Young)
    Clare Holman (Dr. Williams)
    Roy Marsden (Drake)
    Matthew Williams (Alfie)
  9. Producer: Stephen Smallwood
  10. Production: ITV/Granada Drama and Comedy
  11. United Kingdom
  12. 60 min.
  13. 2005

The Eleventh Hour is both an investigation thriller and a science-related drama. Its main character, played by well-known actor Patrick Stewart (who starred in Star Trek, to mention just one of his most popular movies), is Professor Ian Hood. Together with Rachel Young, his assistant and bodyguard, Hood works for the Joint Sciences Committee, a Government agency that deals with science-related crises. All the serious situations they are asked to solve are of a scientific nature and remind viewers that any technological application can have unpredictable side effects.
Professor Hood's mission is to solve these crises and avoid potential catastrophes - a task he pursues without fear of making enemies. Following death threats he has a special agent assigned to him, Rachel, who follows him around and protects him from his many opponents.
This miniseries, produced in Manchester in 2005, is comprised of four episodes. Miracle, presented at the Festival, is the fourth one and focuses on the alleged cancer-curing properties of a water source. The sensation raised by the media attracts a crowd of hopeful cancer patients and Ian Hood himself, who is determined to expose what he regards as a scientific fraud. Hood and Rachel try to solve the mystery of the water source by working closely with Dr. Williams, an oncologist who witnessed the "miraculous" recovery of her young patient Alfie. When a solution seems near and Alfie's recovery has apparently been explained, the two characters will have to face more unexpected events.