Vedere la Scienza Festival

Television drama and Docu-drama Session

Milano   16/11/2006 - 17/11/2006

Sala Napoleonica - Università degli Studi di Milano, Via Sant'Antonio 12 - Milano


CSI Crime Scene Investigation - Grave Danger

  1. Original Title: CSI Crime Scene Investigation - Grave Danger
  2. Author: Quentin Tarantino, Anthony E. Zuiker, Naren Shankar, Carol Mendelsohn
  3. Director: Quentin Tarantino
  4. Editor: Lou Angelo, Benjamin Chulay, Claudia Finkle, John Ganem, Augie Hess, Alex Mackie, Tom McQuade, Alec Smight
  5. Photography: Daniel Novotny
  6. Music: John M. Keane
  7. Starring:
    William L. Petersen (Gil Grissom)
    Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows)
    Gary Dourdan (Warrick Brown)
    George Eads (Nick Stokes)
    Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle)
    Eric Szmanda (Greg Sanders)
    Robert David Hall (Dr. Al Robbins)
  8. Producer: Dustin Abraham, Frank Ballou, Josh Berman, Cynthia Chvatal
  9. Production: Alliance Atlantis/CBS Prod.
  10. Executive Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer, Danny Cannon, Ann Donahue
  11. USA
  12. 80 min.
  13. 2005

The American TV series CSI Crime Scene Investigation is the most popular example of scientific-forensic drama. Its fans include Oscar-laureate director Quentin Tarantino, who was asked to direct the special episode to be presented at the Festival.
All the characters, from the initial processing of the crime scene throughout all the steps that make up an investigation, are members of the Las Vegas crime scene investigation unit.
Several scientific disciplines contribute to the analyses carried out to discover the dynamics and perpetrators of a crime, including genetics (for the analysis of biological material), botany and entomology (which can provide crucial information about time and location), physics and chemistry (traditionally used in the field of ballistics and explosives), to mention just a few.
All this is shown in CSI with a significant amount of cinematic licence and the frequent use of strong images. Nevertheless, the support provided by top-quality scientific consultants is always evident.
In the episode entitled Grave Danger (with "grave" having the double meaning of "very serious" and "coffin"), the victim of a lunatic's plan is agent Nick, a member of the CSI team itself. After falling into a trap, he is buried alive in a coffin, with a gun as his only companion, and his colleagues have to race against time to save him.
This is a cult episode for CSI lovers, and all other adult viewers who do not scare easily will also appreciate it. Though being fully consistent with the general flow of the series, Grave Danger shows Tarantino's unique touch - a mixture of noir, irony and grotesque well defined by the term "pulp", with the short black-and-white sequence in the second part being a sort of signature of the director's style.