Milano   3/3/2006 - 9/3/2006

Spazio Oberdan - viale Vittorio Veneto 2 - Milano



  1. Director: Andrew Niccol
  2. Music: Michael Nyman
  3. Starring:
    Ethan Hawke,
    Uma Thurman,
    Jude Law
  4. Production: Danny De Vito, Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher
  5. USA
  6. 103 min.
  7. 1997

In Gattaca, in a not-too-distant future, test-tube babies are considered “natural.” Parents are thus able to order the perfect child, programming the physical characteristics of their offspring to the tiniest detail. These children are strong and healthy, they will adapt perfectly to society and they are considered genetically perfect as opposed to the imperfect children born of love, who are sickly and prone to genetic malformations and are thus deprived of any roles with responsibility. Yet there is a group of individuals, imperfects who penetrate the community of perfects, who oppose the status quo. One of these, Vincent Freeman, creates a subterfuge in order to trick the authorities and become a spaceman with the Gattaca Corporation, a space agency that arranges missions to distant galaxies. He meets Jerome Morrow, a perfect who has become paralysed following an accident and is willing to sell his genetic make-up. Vincent can thus adopt the “right” identity even though he must be careful not to hide his imperfections. With much effort, he finally manages to become a member of a group of men who have been pre-chosen for the next mission to Titan. Yet, when all problems seem to have been left behind, the director of the agency is murdered and the scene of the crime contains eyelashes belonging to an imperfect. Vincent realises that in order to save himself he must rely on his natural strengths. He thinks back on his relationship with his brother Anton, a test-tube baby, meets with him and challenges him to a swim race, like they used to do as children. Then, with the assistance of the doctor, he passes the necessary tests. The murderer is finally found and Vincent can leave for Titan.