Library and Historical Archive

A huge paper heritage, made of the volumes of the Library and the manuscripts of the Historical Archive, is preserved at the Observatory.

The Historical Library owns incunabula, cinquecentine and seicentine, a considerable stock of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries; there are more than 30,000 titles altogether.

Carta d'Italia Effemeridi Astronomiche

Most of the volumes are about Astronomy and related subjects, but there are also many books with a subject that is not necessarily scientific, testimony of the private interests of the astronomers and of the relations they had with the civil society.

The Historical Archive keeps letters sent and received from the Specola from 1764 on, books of observations and calculations, scientific notes, diaries, travel journals, not to mention the whole documentation relative to the relations with the government authorities from its foundation till now.

The Library and the Archive are open to the reference
Carta d'Italia Effemeridi Astronomiche